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We Offer rent Moonwalks, Inflatables, Waterslides, Bounce House & More! Affordable Rental Rates, 712 company serving the greater Houston area and surroundings Humble, Katy, Atascocita, Pasadena, Spring Tx, Cypress, Kingwood, Pearland.

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Moonwalk Rentals Houston

Inflatable, Moonwalks, Water Slide Rental

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Inflatable, Moonwalks, Water Slide Rental

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Moonwalk Rentals Houston & Inflatable games are still the best entertainment for your children’s parties, and social events for boys and girls. Here you will find different cost of inflatables and models. Rent inflatables with us. Small, medium and large inflatable rentals in Houston. Cheap inflatable rentals for your children’s parties.

We have small bouncers and rent urgent and cheap Moonwalk Rentals Houston Tx, flexible hours for your children to have fun while you enjoy your meetings quietly, we also have tumbling or trampolines.

If your children are older, and do not have electricity, or if you simply like trampolines better. we have 5 different sizes of trampolines or bouncers

We install inside your house, you don’t have to go out at all, make your reservation by phone and wait comfortably and safely at your home.

Both adults and children have fun with the rental of inflatable games, which remind them of that beautiful side of childhood, of all that fun that can be achieved with something so simple and just taking a few hours to relax.

It is important that we always dedicate a part of the budget to these activities, so that we can enjoy together with our whole family in a totally different context from the one we always have around us. In addition, we can even take it as a way to exercise and do teamwork, to learn to work in groups.

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Why hire an inflatable game with us?

It is the question that many people constantly ask themselves, why decide to use our company and not any other in the market, but we want you to know the following arguments that will make you make the decision: Moonwlak Rental Houston

The rental of inflatable games with us gives you all the security aspect, since we ensure that the installation is far from anything that could hurt you.

Comfort is one of our premises, we are always on the lookout for serving you as much as possible, even planning everything from the comfort of your home and calmly.

Punctuality characterizes us in terms of the rental of inflatable games, we always worry that you have the best service in the market.
We will be right at the scheduled time on the day that has been established, so your satisfaction will be complete in all that we can help you. Cleaning is also an aspect that we take great care of, keeping all our inflatables up to date, in a very clean environment and doing maintenance every time a service is provided.

The rental of inflatable games is an alternative for any party or celebration, so do not hesitate to hire our packages. Moonwalk Rental Houston


An extraordinary bouncer designed to delight the imaginations of young boys . This bounce house is perfect for all events and occasions. This is the most popular and generic jumper in the inflatable industry. Our all day price: $115.00+tax


Girls Castle Jumps

An extraordinary bouncer designed to delight the imaginations of young boys . This bounce house is perfect for all events and occasions. This is the most popular and generic jumper in the inflatable industry. Our all day price: $115.00 tax


Disney Cars Jump

price: $139.00+tax


Disney Frozen Jump



Disney Princess Jump

price: $159.00+tax


Elmo Jump

price: $149.00+tax

Fire Truck Jump price: $139.00+tax

Football Jump

price: Coming Soon!!


Hello Kitty Jump

price: $139.00+tax


Little Mermaid Jump

price: $139.00+tax


Mickey Park Jump

price: $139.00 tax


Military Jump

price: $129.00+tax


Monster Truck Jump

price: $139.00+tax


Nba Dunk Jump

price: Coming Soon!


Pirate Ship Slide

price: $249.00 tax


Spider-Man Jump

price: $139.00+tax


Teenage Ninja Turtle Jump

price: Coming Soon!!


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